Waste removal and hire services in Dubbo

Sam’s Waste Management & Hire, located in Dubbo, offers a clean, efficient and environmentally sound way to dispose of your waste. Whether you’re dealing with liquid waste, septic tank cleaning and emptying, paper waste, construction waste, or even motor oils, we offer a wide range of eco-friendly and government approved services, giving you the assurance that your waste is being handled in the best way possible.

We also take responsibility for disposing of the items, so you can focus on your own job at hand. Our waste disposal services are ideally suited for residential settings, businesses in the commercial setting, as well as industrial locations.

Who needs a waste disposal specialist?

Nearly anyone could benefit from a waste disposal specialist in their area. We service Dubbo and the surrounding areas, and we are sure we can help you handle every aspect of waste management for your home or business, from general waste disposal to secure document destruction, septic tank pump outs to waste cooking and engine oil disposal. If you find disposing of waste to be a hassle, or you are unsure of how to dispose of potentially hazardous materials, then Sam’s Waste Management & Hire is the right choice for you.

We are proud to offer reasonable rates, prompt, efficient services and eco-conscious practices that keep hazardous materials and liquids out of the surrounding landscape. To learn more about our waste management services, call us or send a message and we will be happy to assist you. We can answer your questions, arrange for a pick-up of any waste materials you may have, or explain our waste removal processes to you in greater detail.

We provide skip bins in a range of sizes to suit jobs from a household and backyard cleaner to large construction sites. Call us when they are full, and we will haul the skip away and take the waste products to their proper destination.

From general waste to septic tank clean ups and grease trap pump outs, we are happy to dispose of your waste products in a sanitary and environmentally friendly manner.
We not only provide bins for building areas, but we also have a number of products for hire to help make your building site more sanitary and safe for workers. Hire products include portable toilets, site fencing, showers and more.

At Sam's Waste Management & Hire, we make sure waste engine oil gets recycled properly. We also do waste cooking oil and engine oil pick ups for businesses within the Dubbo and surrounding areas.

Items for hire include portable toilets, site fencing, office blocks, showers, shower blocks, toilet blocks, cool rooms and lunch rooms.


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