General Waste Disposal


general waste services in Dubbo

You don't need to take our word for it when it comes to hiring us for your waste management.
We have a variety of different sized bins and front loading compacting trucks to suit your general waste needs.

If you need your waste taken care of, then contact us to discuss your needs in depth or to discuss how we can assist you.

Range Of Options




At Sam's Waste Management & Hire, our general waste bins can be 1.1 cubic metres, 1.5 cubic metres or 3.0 cubic metres in capacity and our cardboard recycling bins have a capacity of 4.0 cubic metres. We also have 240L wheelie bins. You can no longer be concerned about your waste collection, you can choose the appropriate bin to suit your needs.


If you're in need of additional waste to be collected outside the regular service hours, Sam's Waste Management & Hire can be very flexible to suit your schedule. Give us a call today!

Cardboard Recycling

If there is one simple thing every business can do to reduce the environmental impact, it is recycling waste cardboard and paper. At Sam's Waste Management & Hire, Cardboard Recycling bins are ideal for storing your paper & cardboard waste prior to collection for recycling.

Secure Document destruction

  • Lockable security bin supply.
  • Replacement of the bins. We don't charge a bin rental. Just an affordable fee and regular collection from your premises when you choose.
  • Documents are completely locked and secure from your premises to our shredding facility. A closed circuit TV operates 24 hours per day at our premises.
  • Secure shredding of documents by handpicked staff to ensure the confidentiality of your records.
  • Our staff have completed a security awareness course and have achieved appropriate accreditation.
  • A "Controlled Substances Chain of Custody" certificate is issued to you with every collection for your records which you can produce in the event of a security or privacy audit.
  • A one off service is available should you require it for large volumes or periodic clean outs.