Liquid Waste Disposal


Liquid waste disposal services in Dubbo and surrounding areas

Sam’s Waste Management & Hire is happy to offer a range of waste removal services that will keep your home, business or building site free of rubbish and clutter. We also offer smaller scale waste disposal as well. We empty and clean septic tanks for homes and businesses and properly dispose of the waste materials to keep your plumbing running smoothly. Additionally, we provide services that home and business owners are sure to appreciate, such as waste, cooking and engine oil disposal.

Why choose Sam’s waste removal?

Simply put, we offer affordable services that are also highly effective and eco-friendly for your home or business. Additionally, you can appreciate the fact that we have the latest equipment and a wide range of services, so you can order virtually all of your waste management services from one convenient location—there is no need to shop around. Plus, we also provide numerous services for hire, such as portable showers and toilets for your work area or events. We are equipped to handle waste removal for large scale operations, or even for a single home with minimal waste removal requirements. Many of our bins and other services come in various sizes and options, so you can have your pick of which one best meets your individual needs.

If you are ready to get started in the waste removal process, then you are free to call us or send a message. We are always happy to answer any questions, provide a quote for our services based on your exact needs, or we can start the ordering process if you are ready to move forward. We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Tree in hand — Waste Removal in Dubbo, NSW

Grease Trap Waste Service


Grease Trap Waste Service

We service many commercial businesses in the Central West of NSW by cleaning out their grease traps. These premises include restaurants, fast food outlets, supermarkets, hotels, butcher shops, hostels and retirement villages just to name a few.
We have regular runs to all towns throughout Central West of NSW, so if you are located within that area and you're in need of some assistance, give us a call today.

Wash Bay Cleaning & Servicing

We can empty and clean any wash bays and sludge collection pits, sumps or tanks. We remove any sludge or oily water from the bays and bring it to our Dubbo premises where we separate the oil, water and solid waste and dispose of each of them separately in an approved manner.

Commercial Oils

Whether it is used engine or motor oil, cooking oil or another type of oil, Sam’s can look after it for you. Different oils are treated in different and particular ways. However, where possible we will always look for a recycling option for your oil. For example your cooking oil would undoubtedly end up going to bio diesel and the motor oil treated and recycled and sold commercially as clean oil.