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Mining & industrial waste disposal services in Dubbo

Mining and industrial waste can be harmful to the environment as it often introduces chemicals and other substances that are damaging to the surrounding environmental landscape. So we now offer mining and industrial waste disposal to appropriately handle your waste products for you, removing the hassle and guesswork out of knowing how to handle even the toughest waste products. Call us if you need to have waste removed and we will arrive promptly with the right equipment and trucks to remove the waste and dispose of it appropriately.

Sam's Waste Management & Hire has increased it's services for the Mining & Industrial sector.
In saying this, the work we offer to be taken into our hands are:

• Oily rags
• Hydraulic Hoses
• Mining Grease
• Filters
• Batteries

What makes mining and industrial waste disposal tricky?

In many cases, mining related waste and industrial waste can contain chemicals, oils and other pollutants that can cause harm when released into the environment. Every year, the air and our drinking water are contaminated by environmental pollutants, and the best method of prevention is to dispose of your waste products properly. Without the proper equipment and disposal methods, you may end up doing more harm than good when trying to remove the waste products on your own. We use approved methods, and can assure you that your potentially harmful products will not wind up in groundwater or in the air. We take each step of the process highly seriously to ensure that all harmful materials are kept away from the environment at all times.

If you want to speak with us further about your mining and industrial waste disposal needs, feel free to contact us to discuss the services we have to offer. We will discuss the type of waste and the amount in order to identify the best disposal methods. We will then set up an appointment for pick-up.
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Hydraulic Hoses


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