Oil disposal services in Dubbo

Each year, motor oil and other harmful petroleum-based liquids wind up in the wrong places. This may not seem like a big deal when you consider the relatively small amount of oil you use to change the oil in your car but did you know a single litre of oil can contaminate more than 700,000 litres of drinking water? That is a major problem not only for humans in the area, but also for the local wildlife. Proper oil disposal is crucial for the health of the environment and for our cities. This is why Sam’s Waste Management & Hire now offers oil disposal services.
Oil removal service — Oil Disposal in Dubbo, NSW
Whether you are a business that generates a large amount of waste oils, we can help. We have specialised trucks and machinery needed to pick up your oil, move it to the proper processing facilities, and to ensure that it never ends up on the ground, in our water, or anywhere else it’s not supposed to be.

We will ensure that all oil and oily water is handled appropriately and in an environmentally friendly way. You never have an excuse to dispose of dirty oil again! We also provide removal and clean-up of waste engine oil, cooking oils and pump outs from grease traps, as well as additional industrial or transportation related oils. Call us, and we will remove it all from your property quickly and affordably.