Portable Toilets



Sam's Waste Management & Hire can cater any event, whether it is single domestic settings or if it is a large public gathering or party. Just like the shower facilities, we have toilet facilities to suit every need ranging from individual portable toilets to large trailer mounted blocks.
These options include:
• Single Units
• Twin units
• Ensuites
• Toilet blocks (7 cubicles)
• Individual units
• Disabled units
• Semi trailer mounted toilet blocks
• Additional capacity & services

Single Units

The single portable toilets can be located on ground or mounted onto self tow trailers. These units are self sufficient with water tanks for flushing and hand basins, a storage tank for collection of effluent and a translucent roof which allows any external light to penetrate the interior.

Twin Units

The twin toilet is trailer mounted and is a step up from the single units. It has a male and a female toilet cubicle with its own collection tank for effluent and an inbuilt water tank for flushing and the hand basins. It does require a power supply for lighting.


Our ensuite units with shower, toilet and hand basin are perfect when the renovations are being carried out at home or for those special days such as a wedding on the family farm. They are attractive units and don’t look out of place at any occasion. This unit requires a power and water supply and drains into a septic tank or sewer point.

Toilet Blocks

The 6 metre long toilet blocks with 7 cubicles are very popular for bigger functions and can be doubled up on a semi trailer to give 14 individual cubicles. Whilst on the truck they can drain into holding tanks under the tray of the trailers. They can also be drained into a septic tank or a sewer point and the units require a power and water supply.

Individual Units

We have individual units which offer a range of options and are ideal for weddings, workplaces, medium sized gatherings such as balls, etc. They are some of our newer units and present very well. For example one has 5 x female toilets, 3 x male toilets and a urinal, and another has 4 x female toilets, 2 male toilets and a urinal.

Disabled Units

The disabled toilets are also very popular. They are located flat onto the ground to allow wheelchair access and meet the size regulations for disabled toilets. They are drained to a septic tank or sewer point. Some units are fitted with their own effluent collection tank.

Semi trailer mounted toilet blocks

We have 4 x large semi trailer mounted toilet blocks each with male and female facilities. They each have 8 x female pans, 6 x male pans and a urinal. They all have holding tanks so can be either connected to a septic tank or sewer point or can drain into the holding tanks located below the trailer deck. They do require power and water supplies. These are excellent for the largest of gatherings such as music concerts, large sporting events, picnic races and other large charity events.

Additional Capacity & services

We have a fleet of vacuum pump trucks which we can use to pump out the holding tanks before the vehicles are moved from the site. We can also provide pressure pumps or generators if existing services are not adequate.